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Yep Lego Classic kits are for those pining for old school Lego building. I've seen Lego Classic kits in the stores just a few weeks ago. The Lego Classic Large box 10698 has 790 pieces in 33 colours with a variety of brick shapes. RRP £39.99. My only complaint about these is the 33 colours, I'd rather a reduced colour palette.

My son is wanting to buy some of these so he can just free build his own stuff. He's got a tonne of Lego which are mostly Star Wars kits which he generally displays but he regularly tears them down to either rebuild them or free build stuff out of the parts. I miss the old Space range of my childhood like the Galaxy Explorer & Galaxy Voyageur. These days I've got numerous large UCS Star Wars sets (Millennium Falcon, Slave I & Star Destroyer) and some Technic cars like the Porsche GT3 RS

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