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El Kapitan

LEGO Obsession:

I have 5-year old twins. They (especially my son) are obsessed with LEGO, its Disney Sets, and YouTube vids of assembling the Disney Sets. They watch these vids and play with the LEGO on a daly basis.

Chris Gray 1 wrote:

"FAIL ... Do your research ... I know this is a lot of El Reg commentards, but as usual you should do a bit of reseach before mouthing off. ,,, LEGO in general does not make specialty pieces for sets."

If I understand this comment correctly, it is not correct. The Disney character sets include many special pieces and they come in special colours.

So, we have some boxes of regular LEGO pieces and some Disney LEGO sets. Actually, we have just one set, the others are future plans based on KPI's such as reading and writing performance. The Elsa's Magical Ice Palace set has been built and remains as it is, unless I spot a discrepancy between "as-built" and the instructions, when it gets totally dismantled and re-built brick-by-brick. There is however not so much creativity here.

The conventional LEGO parts, however, get dismantled and re-built often, and are used to create imaginative versions of the "wish-list" LEGO sets or even illustrate story themes or abstract concepts in brick form. I would gladly buy more of them if I could find the outlet where LEGO is selling off all of their surplus inventory ....

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