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Do your research

I know this is a lot of El Reg commentards, but as usual you should do a bit of reseach before mouthing off.

LEGO in general does not make specialty pieces for sets. There are occasional ones for some of the collectable or licensed minifigs. Those make them lots of money. As for the Saturn V set (taps on it - not opened yet), I looked through the parts inventory here:

and didn't find anything special, other than the few painted pieces. Pick a piece there and click on its part number - that'll show you how many sets that part has been used in.

The cost of LEGO pieces is driven by two things: the cost of the material primarily, and the cost of the moulds. Check the Lego website's pick-a-brick page and you'll see.

The material that LEGO uses (which is different from 50 years ago) lasts much better than the stuff used by the cheap knockoffs. I used to have Megabloks years ago - they started out with pieces that didn't match LEGO shapes very well (I've been told it is fairly hard to allow for shrinkage of various shapes as they are pushed out of the mold), but got better in a few years. But, as far as I know, they still use a material that will flake away after too many uses.

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