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> Meccano went down the same route from a box of generic plates with a very few specialized bits and bobs

Meccano didn't start out that generic. I had Trix as a kid: that had far fewer different parts, but was just as versatile due to very thoughtful German/Jewish engineering. The aluminium alloy plates were more rigid, but surprisingly bendable if you needed a curve.

I no longer have the Trix construction parts. However I still have a lot of Trix OO gauge railway parts, beautifully made, but with the horrid three rail system. Unfortunately, I don't have any of their beautiful stations, because my dad was a skilled woodworker:)

In my first proper job, the lab I worked in had a grown-up engineer's construction set made by FAC (FAC-System). Very useful for making rapid prototype machines. I'm rather pleased to discover that FAC is still in business. Hmm, I have a very tempting idea...

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