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Too many bricks in the wall? Lego slashes inventory

Lee D Silver badge

Wouldn't have anything to do with their patents expiring and so the market being flooded with compatible parts (which are often cooler than anything Lego have produced themselves, e.g. strips of Lego-compatible bases on a reel tape, mugs with Lego-compatible bases, etc. etc.).

Their products are still overpriced. My daughter loves Lego Friends but even some of the bigger sets can run to over £100. For a bunch of plastic blocks. By comparison I can get her about 4-5 Android tablet computers for that price.

And the £5-10 "mini-kits" are an absolute p***-take. There's about 10 parts in them and they're all tiny and not very interchangeable at all. That's can mean 50p-£1 for one tiny little brick or flower in some cases.

Would be happy to support them, and they've bought up things like Lego Minecraft and similar, but the fact is they're just too expensive for what is a mass-produced plastic twiddly bit that's hardly ever a brick.

Make less specific parts, make more bricks from the standard moulds, they'll then be cheaper to mass-produce. And fill the bag/box with parts, rather than a tiny, quarter-full bag not even occupying one third the volume of the box.

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