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"Space Hulk(TM)"

That sounds like one of those obscure variants of the Incredible Hulk that comic book nerds go on about.

(Space Hulk was first introduced in The Incredible Hulk #8329 (DC Comics, 31 September 1978) when the Blue-Haired Bruce Banner (AKA The Giraffe Hulk (#)) tore a hole between the Eldritch Reality and the continuity in which the Netherlands won the Second World War. This spawned a new Turquoise-Haired Bruce Banner who turned into the Space Hulk. Space Hulk was trapped in the Everyone-Now-Speaks-Dutch reality when Batman, Dennis the Menace and Gnasher sealed the hole in the time continuum. Every geek worth their salt knows this off the top of their head, of course.)

(#) Blue-Haired Bruce/Giraffe Hulk was- of course- not related to the original Bruce Banner, but a teenage girl from the Planet Mutis that old-school Bruce Banner roped in to being the New Hulk after he got bored of being Old Hulk and decided to become a teaching assistant instead. (See The Dandy, 29 February 1949, "Korky the Cat"). She disappeared due to a spell cast by the Evil Wizard incarnation of Spider Man (from the Everyone Drinks Irn Bru Reality), and also because the novelty wore off and Marvel had to bring back Old Hulk to get 12 year olds buying the comic again. (But with a Malibu Stacey hat.)

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