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Even if I also do not anticipate the FSF Car any time soon, your posting IMHO has a flaw: Open software does not automatically mean that anybody can feed data into it. It just means that it is open for anybody who wants to understand how it works. To be allowed to participate in public (data) traffic, the software still needs to be certified, as it is today with any conventional car before a new model is allowed to hit the road in most countries. Autonomous cars will need to have a certified system to be allowed in public traffic. But a car vendor could use the open system, adapt it to his models and get it certified for those. When signatures are involved, the car could refuse to run with customized software.

Today way you can theoretically customize your current car in an unlawful manner and drive around with it, until the police will eventually check your car. The same thing could go with customized software. If there was a standard for certification and signing, the police could easily check an autonomous car's software.

Closed software does not stop the real bad guys to do their evil stuff, it just adds one or two layers of complexity for them, which are quickly broken if enough money or fanaticism is involved. But open software would enable anybody interested in it (e.g. engineering students) to study existing systems and maybe even come up with a better software.

So closing up all those systems does not stop the bad guys, but makes it hard to impossible for anybody who is interested in those systems in a lawful way.

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