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Just an idea

Since people are actually relatively concerned that some larger parts of this space station could hit the Earths surface and do a bit of damage, why doesnt China, once the space stations a bit lower (i.e. in at a height that is guaranteed to de-orbit within a year) hit it with one of those same missiles with which they created a great bloody space mess a few years back (by shooting one of their failed satellites and leaving a great debris cloud strewn across an entire orbit).

Done right, you would hope thedestroyed space station would then have no large parts to reach the surface and cause damage and whilst this would create another great bloody space mess (TM), it would be at such a low altitude all pieces would de-orbit within a year.

They have the tech and I'm sure they wouldnt mind an excuse to test it again... And everyone underneath the predicted path can stop building bunkers. Win-win!

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