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Hackers create 'ghost' traffic jam to confound smart traffic systems

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Anonymous Coward

Braking News !!! :) <==== NOT a Typo !!!

Clever people 'Hack' Traffic Control System and ....... Quelle Surprise, it does not work any more !!!

Why are these 'CV-based signal control systems' made so easy to confound ?

It is a given that anything new will be targeted by the 'Usual Suspects', so why make it so easy to misuse.

It always comes down to some form of 'Spoofing' to feed 'Bad Data' into the system to break it.

Is anything learnt from the mess we have with the Internet because we assumed that 'Bad Actors' would not be trying to misuse and break it ...... and today there are whole industries making money out of defending you from those same 'Bad Actors !!!

Is this the system that is expected to be installed in Driver-less cars as this makes them ideal as weapons to snarl up the Roads as a diversionary tactic for other 'Unfriendly Acts' !!!

Just a Thought !!! :)

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