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Shock Shock - I would not buy Apple.

I had an Apple G4, I was given it by my( now deceased) sister and her husband who moved to HP laptops.

I didn't have use for it {surprise, surprise}, it sat there between my PC keyboard and monitor for months.

I eventually decided to use it as a music player, instead of a tape deck, feed it into my hifi.

The battery was old, so I decided to just use the charged/adapter.

After some time (21days) of working perfectly playing my ripped CDs and LP's , the bluetooth, audio and USB failed.

I rebooted, it worked again. next day it happened again, this time I had to reboot twice !! (and so on).

And so it went, after about 21 days of use without a battery, the AppleG4 would not boot with sound, bluetooth or USB, causing me to reboot as for many time as for every day over 21 days of usage without an internal battery.

I had to completely remove the software and reformat my hard drive, reinstall the operating system.

then it worked as it should, BUT the 21 day fakery started all over again, again and again.

It was software butt sex.

I had browsed the MAC store to see the cost of a battery, $199.00 (AU$) but I did not need it.

Then the MAC Air came out and all G4 the batteries disappeared from the stores overnight, and the sales staff could not tell me where they went !

Later I hear of the Apple mobile phone Battery debacle

Well Suprise ! Suprise !

and Jobs was alive then too!!

go and pay your $1000+++ for a faker and create that bigger pile of Ewaste crap.

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