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He's taking a swing at altmedia, not "fake news" per se. And it's hardly surprising: Breitbart is by far the biggest, most professional example and they are in direct competition with Fox News. If it weren't for them, I doubt he'd care.

Carpet Deal 'em,

I'm not sure that's true. Murdoch's been complaining about Google and FB hoovering up all the money from news organisations for ages. Plus trying to fight the idea that news online must be free. OK, self-interested of course. But self-interested in the sense of all his media properties surviving, rather than just an interest in protecting Fox News from Breitbart.

Fox News is the bogeyman, but he still does plough money into his papers that make losses - and when they were hived off out of Fox into a separate publishing group - he set it up with lots of cash to keep it going. Literally billions of dollars he could have used on say, buying his own island.

So, as I said, he's willing to spend serious amounts of money on journalism. Some of it even proper (non-tabloid) journalism. And people who no longer work for him say that he's still an old newspaper-man at heart.

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