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Can they do something more useful instead?

How about doing something with an economic value instead?

Like for example:

1. Failing to control a vehicle equipped with summer tires within an official yellow snow/ice alert zone declared by the met office is a mandatory 3 points and 500£.

2. Driving (in control or not) a vehicle with summer tires in an official orange snow/ice alert zone is 6 points and 1000£

3. Not having appropriate equipment, namely snow chains and a shovel and being out and about in a red alert zone is 9 points and 2000£.

Something similar for lorries and wind would be nice too.

That will put an end to the ridiculous weathermoans where the whole world is laughing at the clusterf*** resulting from 1 inch of snow.

Economic effect here and then. If the numbers from the last week weathermoan are to be belived - 1Bn there and then.

Yeah... I know... Doing something useful is much more difficult than doing tea leaves guessing on future developments in an area where we are not likely to see any numbers for years to come.

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