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I'll see your HP RPN calculator (mine was an HP-45), and raise you (because of difficulty in fitting anything useful in the limited memory) a Sinclair Cambridge Programmable and a Commodore PR-100 (I also had a Texas TI-57 programmable at one time, but it went wrong after about 2 weeks, and I got my money back).

I've forgotten all of the other calculators I've had across the years. I still have a TI-58 as an ultimate fallback, but I mainly use my 'phone now.

Interestingly enough, in the past couple of weeks, I've had to remind a colleague about the fact that some calculators did arithmetic hierarchy (generally TI and possibly Rockwell), and some didn't (Sharp, Commodore/CBM, early Casio, and most cheap 4/5 function calculators). HP were pretty much a law unto themselves, using RPN.

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