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People sometimes click on the links, even though they might think it's bollocks, in case the story is true.

My new year's resolution (made in about August last year) was to stop clicking on obvious click-bait. In that case it was Brexit stories in the Guardian, where they'd just sourced a quote from Guy Verhofstadt (who's been trolling the UK media ever since he became an MEP at least a decade ago) - and ran it as a story with a PANIC BREXIT DOOM headline to get the clicks and comments rolling in.

I've since stopped clicking on any Brexit stories in the Guardian, and follow it elsewhere - because I no longer trust them on the subject. Which is a shame, because the Telegraph is over 90% bollocks at this point, the Times is behind a paywall and the last time I looked at the Independent website my eyes started bleeding. Where did they get that font from?

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