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Sad times...

Well, sort off. I still think the Glassfish project, as started by Sun Microsystems, is an impressive one and I also think it's somewhat of a shame to see it go down like this (no offense but I'm not very confident about the outcome). Typical Oracle mindset, let's not call it for what it is because there may still be some money left to squeeze out.

Oh well, for me these are times long past and in my opinion Apache is the better choice. The Apache HTTP server for the web layer, Apache Tomcat as my servlet container and finally Apache TomEE as the EJB container. The best part (in my opinion) is that because these are three separate processes you basically get a more "real" container separation than when you run the whole kaboodle within Glassfish.

Now, Glassfish also has very good tools for fine tuning but in my opinion nothing beats having physically separate processes so that you could even apply limitations on the OS level if you wanted to.

It takes getting used to, especially if you're used to Glassfish, but once you get your fingers behind it you'll soon discover why many Java developers would have preferred to see this project being hosted by the Apache foundation. Time will tell I suppose.

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