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The fact that its been around for that long yet there's still resistance to using it should perhaps be a teensy clue to its designers that it brings little to the table over IP4 other than extra network addresses

Most address systems get used far beyond their designer's original intentions (eg UK postcodes), so the shortcomings of IPv4 were inevitable. The single most important thing about IPv6 was making available extra network addresses, and if that meant a certain amount of difficulty, so be it. If the Post Office mess about with the postcode format you'd see a similar difficulty, with everybody whining that geographic coordinates were user unfriendly, too long, too complex etc.

Even with corporate solutions to avoid IPv6, that only defers the problem because consumers have growing numbers of internet connected devices (I've got no IoT devices, there's still 14 devices in this household with IP addresses). IPv6 may be complicated, but it is the only address system designed for the volume of addresses that will be needed.

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