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Fancy owning a two-seat Second World War Messerschmitt fighter?

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forgive me if youve heard this one

An English ladies social club is throwing a garden party and they decide to invite several distinguished veterans to speak at the event.

The first speaker, a Swedish flying ace steps up to the podium and makes his presentation about flying in the war. During the question and answer session after his presentation an older lady in a big hat asks him if he ever had a close call.

He replied, 'One time when I was on patrol I flew out of a cloud to find three f*uckers coming straight at me out of the sun!...'

A gasp arose from the audience and the moderator, concerned about the salty language, quickly stepped in to add that 'A Fokker was a type of aircraft'

The pilot replied, 'Ya maaaybeee so but dees f*ckers were flying Messerschmidts'

now Ill retire until such time as there is a suitable story to post my favorite tapeworm joke.

Ill get my coat

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