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The bigger problem, as I see it, is that the entirety of Political structures, including the left, have moved far to the right of where they were even in the 1970s. So, that side has become an extreme in and of itself. The progressives are, possibly, closer to the center or somewhat left of the center of politics in the 1970s. It seems to me to be a balancing and that is good thing. The NRA is one of those political structures that has moved very far to the right, over the edge of reason even and all for nothing other than increased profits for the arms and armaments industry. Discrimination policies are important. From the settlement of the Americas by Europeans to present, people of color have faced huge amounts of discrimination in the workplace and it will take another generation or two equalize that, if educational opportunities are equal amongst all economic groups and we know that they are not. So, it'll take longer.

Too far to the right or the left and you end up with an authoritarian regime. Trump and his ilk, I use the word ilk there purposefully, are pushing the country into authoritarianism.

Until there is no private money and no Corporate lobbying allowed in politics shit like the NRA pull and a lack of educational opportunities will continue.

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