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Wi-Fi Alliance allegedly axed army reservist for being called up. Now the Empire strikes back

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Lots of equivalents

So there are 7 guys and they happen (or whatever grounds) to choose the reservist - they get flak even if he WOULD have been the one to be selected anyway (I'm not saying this is true - just plausible). As another commentator pointed out, that reaction does tend to make reservists "redundancy-proof".

But of course, it's not just reservists - suppose out of those 7, there was just one who was black, was female or even worse, disabled? The same logic would apply - even if we're charitable and assume that management were totally oblivious to race, gender or disability, and in 6 out of 7 cases, as expected, chose one of the non-minority staffers, they're still going to get the same flak on the 1 in 7 cases where they make the other choice, even if that choice is rational, defensible and fair to the others.

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