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Solar has mostly reached cost parity with all other forms of electric generation. It depends on the country you live in.

No it hasn't - the only parity it's reached is the amount of subsidies it's taken even to get to this point. (my parents have highly subsidised solar, and I have a small system)

Electric vehicles DO NOT suffer performance issues under normal, load, i.e. no matter how cold it gets or how much accessories you use. (polar conditions are irrelevant.

Bollocks. They don't suffer from cold performance issues because when it gets cold the batteries automatically transfer some of the power to a battery heating system - mainly so sub average cretins like you don't notice an issue. Every battery chemistry hates the cold (especially nimh & li-ion under 0c). The old milk floats used to use something like 30% more power in the cold cos of motor & lubricant drag and cold miserable batteries, lead acid like to be a toasty 35-60c

ALL equip struggles under polar conditions) If you have owned one and it did, then you need to take it back to the dealer and have it fixed, like any other new car that doesn't run right from the factory. That's NOT an engineering issue, it's a factory QC issue.

Electric vehicles pollute less than ICE vehicle. Period. Under any contrived scenario. Stating that old canard about power plants and materials or subsidies makes you look stupid and was debunked years ago.

If I run a skyactiv motor on petrol I pollute depending on what the engine does with that petrol.

If I have a Muskkretinwagon and I run it off solar then all the pollution comes from the build of the solar panels system in its entirety & that's it.

However if I have a Muskkretinwagon and I'm charging from mains electric generated by a bunch of lignite fuelled generating stations (ie Germany until fairly recently) I'm polluting from the lignite, from the production and transportation of my new Muskkretinwagon, and in your case from being a brainless waste of air who is producing much more co2 than is worthwhile for any use you might be to the human race in general.

You feed a car dirty generation you have a dirtier vehicle than a conventional ICE car. That's fact.

The two best ideas already posted where to put solar and wind on the roof and try to get as much of the fleet converted as possible. It does not have to be all 49,000 nor does it have to be all at once.

And you made my point - if slathering the planet in solar panels and wasting limited resources scrapping every single vehicle was the best way then yes, go ahead. It's not.

There are factories in Indonesia still using steam engines for power that were built in the 1870s (one was actually sold new to a relative of mine) and they're in perfect condition, better than factory - running on high quality smokeless coal (when available). The point you are missing is pollution over the lifetime of a product. If a steam engine has run almost continuously for 147 years how many replacements has it out lived. If a Wolseley 18/85 has been going since 1970 and the average ownership of a new car is 3 years, that's 15 and a bit cars that weren't built because someone was using that instead of buying some euro box that'd be terminally ill by age 11. Everything has an ecological cost (even solar panels) - the longer you use it and the more you upgrade and modify it as the years pass, the more the cost is amortised.

I am continually amazed that some usually very bright people here are thick as bricks when it comes to solar, wind and electric cars.

Yeah me too. If'n you want a great example, go look in a mirror.

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