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1. It can be easily manufactured, it only takes water and energy to create it.

Lots of energy, like, lots and lots and lots of energy. It's not exactly an efficient process. If at all possible storing the energy directly as electricity in a bettery and using it to drive an electric motor is much more efficient.

2. Emissions from an ammonia car are only water vapor and nitrogen.

Unless ammonia gets spilled. Then things can get nasty. Ammonia is fairly mild as irritants go but i'd still like to have to encounter 40 liters of spilled ammonia after a crash. Spilled gas stinks a bit, spilled ammonia will quickly stop you breathing.

3. Energy density is good (half that of gasoline).

In other words Energy density isn't that great.

Like many of the proposed alternatives to gas, ammonia has a few rather big drawbacks and risks attached to it. I see it as having more potential than hydrogen, but that's not saying much.

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