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I see the anti-electric brigade have shown up

You anti-electric folk either need to try and keep up with the times or admit you have no clue how Google works.

Solar has mostly reached cost parity with all other forms of electric generation. It depends on the country you live in. Electric vehicles DO NOT suffer performance issues under normal, load, i.e. no matter how cold it gets or how much accessories you use. (polar conditions are irrelevant. ALL equip struggles under polar conditions) If you have owned one and it did, then you need to take it back to the dealer and have it fixed, like any other new car that doesn't run right from the factory. That's NOT an engineering issue, it's a factory QC issue.

Electric vehicles pollute less than ICE vehicle. Period. Under any contrived scenario. Stating that old canard about power plants and materials or subsidies makes you look stupid and was debunked years ago.

The two best ideas already posted where to put solar and wind on the roof and try to get as much of the fleet converted as possible. It does not have to be all 49,000 nor does it have to be all at once.

I am continually amazed that some usually very bright people here are thick as bricks when it comes to solar, wind and electric cars.

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