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I would happily live on a decommissioned NPP site. After the spent fuel has been shipped off to Sellafield. And after the 130 year decay time for the activated infrastructure to go to de-minimus.

You have 2 hazards. The radiation dose, which, as you say, is dominated by short lived isotopes. Also, fission product contamination which is all together a different thing. Think Pu - that's highly radio-toxic, and no - you can't easily detect it - it's alpha. Fission products BTW are vastly worse than DU.

The LOCA hazard is not just the steam explosion, although that has killed people. It's the fact that a lot of designs ( PWR being the obvious one ) then have a core meltdown in the absence of active safety measures being taken.

You can't just wave away the death toll at Chernobyl. Yes - the statistical deaths are over-stated. But many of those present in the response took a fuck of a dose, and it's bollocks to say they'd have survived with western medical treatment.

Molten salt systems were well examined decades ago. They don't work reliably. Other than the Soviet alpha class boats (which aside from acoustic noise, kept having solidification problems ) , no-one has built a second unit of any design. Just waving your hands about saying thorium / pebble bed / molten salt/ or whatever without saying why it'll work now when it didn't work then is no different from saying we'll all drive EV and just waving your hands about when asked about generation and transmission.

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