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"DfT are in love with the idea of road pricing."

There are two issues at play there

- firstly that it's been done before in the UK and didn't work (turnpikes)

- secondly, anything which discourages road use by light vehicles is going to expose just how heavily subsidised HGVs really are.

The average 40 ton HGV does around 50-100,000 times the road damage in one pass as a single car but only pays about 10-50 times the usage fee.

This is catching local authorities out worldwide when they encourage use of busses over cars, but then find out the hard way that a bus carrying 40 people does 5-10,000 times the road damage of 40 individual cars. A heavy push into public transit using busses frequently goes hand in hand with a sharp increase in roading maintenance requirements despite reduced traffic levels.

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