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" If the total impact to the planet, peoples health, etc, then EVs have a far lighter impact."

It is the other way round, in fact.

The carbon footprint of manufacturing a battery pack for a Tesla is about equivalent to driving a similar sized car for 8 years on an internal combustion engine. I believe I have seen estimates that the battery pack will last about 5-7 years before replacement is needed.

Then you have to look at the carbon footprint of the electricity source... which varies wildly. If the source is distributes solar or wind farms, you have considerable overheads for building the collection / distribution network. This is where nuclear shines - not only low carbon, but the power can be delivered into a well chosen location in the power grid, rather than stringing cables and roads all over the countryside. Of course, solar and wind need gas or oil backups for when they are not producing, which adds to both construction and operating carbon footprint.

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