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Re: I'd love a Tesla model S with a V8 instead of the electric drive.

"Whatever the pros and cons of electric cars, performance isn't a problem anymore."

Acceleration may not be, but other parameters are.

In cold weather the range deteriorates markedly, and drops even more when you are running heaters, fans, defrosters, and wipers to deal with the road salt/brine freezing on the windshield and trying to keep the cabin temperature sufficiently above zero (freezing) to keep ice from accumulating, which can require a 30 degree differential from the air flowing over the vehicle at 80 kph. Your chance of reaching a destination only 400 kilometers away without recharging once and probably twice are getting very slim. When there is enough traffic to keep 16 or 20 gasoline pumps busy at the service plaza, you are probably in for a wait for one of the 300 or so charging stations you would need to replace them. My gasoline powered car can make the round trip on one tank if I don't drive much in the destination city.

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