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Le Mans is a 24 hour race. If you want an analogy with fast starts, you're better off thinking about Santa Pod.

That's a useful analogy for EVs. ICE do well at Le Mans, Tesla's at Santa Pod. Or 1/4mile. Over 1/2mile, the ICE advantages become more apparent. I think it'll be a long time before an EV completes a 24hr race though. One example of EV's lack of endurance is from the Cannonball Run. Current record is 28hr50mins for 2,800 miles. A Tesla factory team did NY-LA in only 76hrs. Ok, so Team Tesla did have to take a longer route due to lack of charging points. And drive slower to conserve battery. And spend 16hrs charging.

On the plus side, I guess the lack of EV stamina could reduce the duration of car chases. Assuming the police are allowed to keep in ICE cars.

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