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Upselling with language

Royal Mail contemplated switching all its petrol guzzlers to an available electric alternative.

Amazing how a bit of glossing over things makes all the difference.

The vehicles will still consume their fuel, however they are powered, so they will guzzle electricity in a similar manner to any other fuel and of course petrol and diesel is "Available" too, so you could easily write

"Royal Mail contemplated switching all its electricity guzzlers to an available alternative.", where Petrol or Diesel is clearly available at any forecourt.

Its nice to see that the cost of generating the fuel and getting it to its destination is missed off.

I don't expect electric cars to be accessible to the vast majority until little things like how they will be used for those who live in communal areas will be resolved. How for example would you go about getting an electric station outside your house / flat etc and not stop someone else parking there - given that parking space is already a premium in the majority of housing developments. Imagine the new set of interesting arguments between neighbours that it could create when someone else buys an electric car and there is more contention for their use overnight

How will street after street of cars be powered without having cables all over the pavements and into the roads causing a bunch of different problems. Given the issues around battery safety, then how many cars will have problems with their battery packs and burn up - taking an endless succession of similarly fuelled cars along the street with them ??

What creative methods will the local yoof come up with to stop cars charging or making them spark.

Given that people drive away with filling station pipes still connected and they only fill up infrequently, how many more cars will be driving around with wires hanging off of them and what will that do to the charge point or the car in terms of short circuits or similar ??

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