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Completely nonsensical. You are talking about one form or fuel, engine, technology and doing a direct conversion to another?

No, I'm talking about the amount of energy consumed by a vehicle over the course of a year. Energy is energy, the source doesn't matter. If a vehicle requires 20kWh to complete a certain journey, it will take require that whether it comes from a battery or a tank of petrol. Basic thermodynamics.

As well as different efficiencies you also have to look at the electricity required for refining petrol/diesel as well as the energy require in the logistics of delivery, extraction etc.

Indeed so, but even allowing for electric motors being more efficient than petrol engines, so requiring less stored energy, the difference is only a factor of 2 at most, it still doesn't add up. There are energy costs related to distribution and extraction for all types of energy. Grid+battery isn't some magic 10x more efficient, which it would need to be for this to work.

It is pointless starting with ICE and converting when electric cars already exist and their capacity, charge capabilities and efficiencies are already known.

That's a nonsensical statement, and unrelated to the issue at hand. Take the average distance travelled by a vehicle in a year, across the whole UK fleet, work out how much energy you need to cover that distance (which will be the same irrespective of the engine type in the vehicle) and work out where you can get that energy from. The total cannot be met by grid-supplied energy with the current system.

Anyone who starts with that calculation is not going to come out with a reasonable answer.

Sorry, but it's basic physics, start with the same numbers & you'll get the same answer.

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