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You'll find that the subsidies get phased out over the next few years; as the numbers of EVs increase the shortfall on taxation from VED and fuel duties will see to that.

How do you see that being implemented? I'm not disagreeing, but in one of my heavily downvoted posts I queried this very idea. Absent pay per mile satellite tracking, which is expensive to retrofit to existing vehicles and has privacy issues, or maybe road tolling, I'm not clear how this could work?

I have serious doubts any government would charge the price per unit required to equate an electric car charging with a petrol car being drive on the household supply. People wanting to read at night, or with electric heating might be expected to balk at the cost.

I've considered options ranging from road tolls, through tracking, to increasing electricity prices etc and I can't figure out a workable solution to the problem.... even taxing the vehicle at first purchase won't work, because nobody would buy one and existing EVs would become near priceless.

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