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How much electricity does it take to produce a litre of petrol?

Hard to say. It takes around 1 - 1.5 kWh of energy to refine a litre of petrol, but much of that comes from the raw crude. How much energy do you need to use to charge a battery to get the 10kWh equivalent to 1 litre of petrol?

Do you always have to charge an EV from empty to full, rather than just top it up?

Makes no difference, the average energy use over a year is all that matters. With 25m vehicles it averages out no matter of you do a full charge once a week, or a top-up every night. Your neighbours will have different patterns, the average will end up the same.

When will there be a unified means of public charging (you don't need an app to buy petrol)?

If/When there is enough demand.

Why do people consider EVs in the same way as an ICE vehicle

Because they want to use them in the same way? Seriously, though, there's no standard way to use an ICE vehicl.. I do 50km/day commute, with 300km once or twice a month, and 4000km once or twice a year. That's not something that would work for an EV, but isn't necessarily a "standard" pattern.

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