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Instead of covering Scotland with wind turbines...

Why not?

Last year, I was in Orkney and took a lot of pictures. Later, when I was back south (near Coventry), I was showing some of them to a colleague. I got a comment to the effect that at least the place hadn't been blighted by wind turbines everywhere. After some zooming, I demonstrated that they were on a whole row of hill tops visible right across the islands, in every farm and large rural house. Oh, yes, they passed the point of generating 100% of their electricity years ago and are still increasing. They just convert more things to electrical - cars, shipping.

They are proud of this. The only people who moan about wind turbines are outsiders who think they have gone there to help. If the research into tidal generation is allowed to proceed, there, it would produce more energy than many nuclear power stations and be totally predictable (we know when the tides will happen).

Yes, lets have more wind turbines everywhere.

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