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iScotland might though since we have an excess of renewable energy now with more and more being built or in the pipeline. The development of floating turbines has changed things in terms of where they can be installed. Off the West Coast with the Atlantic is much windier than the North Sea which is shallow enough for the turbines to sit on the seafloor. But floating turbines can be installed in deeper water.

There are tidal turbines in the Pentland Firth between the mainland and Orkney. We have more tidal races here than we can count. Extra pumped storage capacity is being installed in hydro stations to store excess wind etc power when it is warm, sunny and windy. Tidal turbines could operate as baseload, the tide time is different everywhere so when it is ebbing in one place it is still flowing elsewhere.

Studies of seals and dolphins show they avoid the area during turbine installation (noisy) but come back when it ends and they don't get chewed up by the turbines, they know they are there and to avoid them. They are cowled so there are no free spinning blade ends.

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