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@Blottoits actually us citizens that are doing the subsidising

True, but....

What is the purpose of government? It is (in theory) a mechanism for us to work together for the common good. Once a project for the benefit of all is identified, the government routes the money from us as individuals to that project. Our present government has identified that it will benefit us all to have WMDs capable of killing hundreds of millions of foreign men, women and children. We can't each afford to buy our own WMD, so we will do it jointly, and will happily contribute £200 billion to this worthwhile cause.

Power infrastructure is no different, fundamentally. If we as a society believe that getting rid of ICE vehicles and replacing them by a clean alternative, EVs or hydrogen or whatever, then there will be a cost to providing the infrastructure. Unlike WMDs some of us may be able to generate some or all of our own leccy, reducing the infrastructure demand, and clearly a wide use of a mix of decentralised renewables (hydro, wind, solar, tidal) will also reduce the infrastructure impact, but not eliminate it entirely. We will need to spend money on infrastructure one way or the other, and that means we work together through a system of taxation. It's not a 'subsidy', it's working for the common good - and will probably be cheaper than the WMDs. I know which I'd prefer.

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