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Umm that wasn't promoting ev - that was promoting a feature US premium cars have had since I was in nappies and at least one eastern Europe car manufacturer has been doing since 1959 and probably earlier (Tatra) - not to mention their 603 had a cd of something like .35 when western manufacturers were still arguing about whether OHV was a step too far, and starting handles ruled the world (not that those were a bad thing). You know (or probably don't actually) the days when the car was more aerodynamic in reverse and two speeds were "good enough for grandpa so they're good enough for you"

I'm glad you're looking forward to your new Muskkretinwagon - I would however suggest you look into the mix of generation in your area and hope fervently you're not like the guy (Hong-Kong I think) who got hit for pollution charges IN COURT because all the electric came from coal generation and therefore was about as eco friendly as a 350,000 mile Ford Orion CVH running on supermarket petrol with half 20w50 and half sawdust "keeping all the magic smoke in".

The right tool for the right job. There's no use case that I can think of that a Tesla fits - other than to be owned by a pretentious wazzock..

Oh wait

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