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Small modular reactors currently look to be even more costly than Hinkley Point C in cost per MWh.

Of course, that makes assumptions about the cost at out-tun of Hinkley Point, which are probably going to be wrong.

If SMR were available off the shelf they'd be easier to connect to the grid due to their modularity, but as none are yet even ready for the certification process to start, it would be at least 2030 before we had production units in series manufacture. With the planned decommisson of coal by 2025, and the closure of half the AGR nuclear fleet by 2024 and remainder by 2030, we're going to need some new form of electricity production before SMRs can offer a solution - and that;s without the government's desire to see electric cars and the elimination of gas heating. The only realistic option will be a new fleet of subsidised CCGTs, and they will then undermine the case for SMR unless SMR also get subsidies.

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