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Someone did the calculation but got it totally wrong?

Nope, they got it spot on, because they considered the whole picture.

Assume by 2040 that an electric car can do 300miles per charge.

Fine, now work out how much energy that represents, multiply it by 25million, and you'll find that you need a large increase in grid supply.

when electric usage is low (much lower than the late afternoon, early evening in winter.

Only true when electric charging is a niche market, once 25 million cars are charging that will become the new peak.

you could probably get away with charging most electric vehicles with very little extra network capacity

"Probably", based on some half-thought-out assumptions, doesn't cut it. Do the math, and you'll see that you can't, not by a long way.

power requirements of an EV would be less and more manageable than if the UK regularly saw heat waves for months in the summer

Do the math. EVs draw from 5x to 10x the power of an A/C unit. Even one A/C unit on every one of the UKs 18m houses would be a drop in the ocean compared to charging needs for 25m EVs

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