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more and more people are charging at home using energy they have produced themselves.

That may be true but it's still only a small minority. I'm not against solar power but I live in an old house which doesn't have the roof timbers to support solar panels without a lot of expense, and if fitted would face the wrong way.

I don't have a driveway or garage so can't get a cable to a vehicle. I'm not even guaranteed a parking space outside my house. Many people live in flats, apartments, tower blocks, often with no close parking, so have it even worse than I do.

And when the inevitable happens, one forgets to charge or thought there was more charge than there is, it's not simply a case of getting a lift to the nearest petrol station, filling the can, and being on your way ten minutes later.

As far as I can see it's just not practical for the majority of people in the UK even if they love the idea.

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