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I walked to school alone from the age of 7 to 12 along just such a road when crumple zones were tiny gleams in BL engineers eyes. I never got hit by a car, never got jumped by a Jimmy-Saville-alike and I ACTUALLY KNOW HOW TO CROSS A ROAD.

These days the speed limit is 30mph and you can't move for mommy cretins doing le mans starts in Porsche Cayennes & X5s driven by people who think lane discipline is a boy band and double declutching is something to do with a handbag.

I'd love to know the percentage of parents who survived serious road accidents 20/30 years ago whose spaddy little brats are the ones who walk out 2 feet in front of me when it's my right of way, or expect me to stop from 60mph in 3ft (and that includes some of the adults, would you believe)...

I've never hit anyone, nor would I ever want to, but I'd have a damn sight less sympathy for them if they've just wombled out into the road without a care or braincell in the world.

I did suggest that cars be retrofitted with MK108 autocannons, badly driven 4x4 for the removal of, but the idea didn't get much traction (much like the badly driven 4x4s).

If people don't know how to cross a road or judge a cars road speed they shouldn't be out on their own. Kids should be trained - we were - and I don't know any of my generation who'd be more interested in their smartphone than the Audi that's about to turn their brains into a jackson pollack.

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