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Where I live there's 24 flats, all with 230v mains. Of those only 2 that I know of have rcd capable modern electric distribution cabs (one fitted after the electrics blew the female tenant across the room) , the rest were wired up when Allegros roamed the earth.

22 flats have cars associated of which most are scrappage fodder.. So most will be chopped in and chopped up despite the fact they're perfectly usable - to get some form of Muskkretinwagon.

Then you'll need outside charging points (some chance with the "management company") at three times retail because of the "mc" above.

THEN unless you want a fireball of epic proportions you'll need to redo all the backhaul wiring so it can cope and fit modern control boxes to 18 flats..

And if you manage to do all that, and don't manage to electrocute the first toddler who sees a charger (because we *will* get cheap ass crap chargers, or more likely a flip top unsecured always on mains sockets). There isn't enough electrical power to go around if any reasonable amount of people do it and alot of the generation is dubious environmentally to be extremely tactful about it.

Whats worse everyone else will be tooling around in TFSI audi which are more polluting and dangerous to human life (microparticulates) than the average clapped out BX Diesel - that they got when the smug gits went electric.

The best bit is the politicians bash diesels - co2 goes up - politicians decide to fit catalytic converters - co2 actually goes up as did health problems from car exhaust (more benzenes and other nasties in exhaust).

It has been proven that we can take pollutants from the atmosphere and using solar reactors make a petrol/diesel analogue that can be formulated cleaner. We already have an entire infrastructure designed for these liquid fuels and vehicles to use them.. All we need do is upscale the solar reactor tech which actually makes the atmosphere cleaner as it works. Are we doing it? No.

We're letting the idiots run the asylum. In order to use electric cars we have to scrap or convert (to make a hollow laughing) the older vehicles, we have to upgrade almost every single wiring system in the country, upgrade and build out generation capacity (which will take years, and you can bet won't be clean Thorium generation), make the chargers idiot proof (which is a decades long project in itself.. Hmm fast charger, torrential rain, wet hands and a hangover, what could possibly go wrong...)

Then you've got the crappy range, the fall out on crime and driver safety (especially women) - on top of that the prices of replacement batteries and how the vehicle will react in a crash.. As they get older I predict they'll get worse (they all do).

And on top of all that you've got various idiots tooling around trying to make them autonomous and deranged mothers trying to reduce every speed limit to 5mph because their mindless teen went vis-a-vis with a Leyland Optare while engrossed in Assbook and lost (and the gene pool thanks you profusely my dear). Despite the fact that 55-60mph is peak efficiency generally and we have far too many people alive as it is..

There is absolutely nothing that warrants using an electric vehicle over all the other possible options - but oddly enough the people selling them haven't told you that have they?

PS My next car would be a DKW two stroke if I could afford it. And even with that I consider myself green in comparison with the teslidiots.

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