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Re: "Venmo did not live up to the promises it made to users about the availability of their money"

Real PayPal story regarding funds availability. Purchased some software, 9.99$ total - dirt cheap, paid with PP - just in case and because what could go wrong (it's usually the seller who's on the hook, right). Well, to my surprise I had to contact PP's collection department to take care of negative balance on my account as their system would not even process my CC that had been on the account before I was forced to link bank account (transfer was just a fraction of linked account, the bank had no record of denied transfer). More hassle and wasted time that it's really worth. My only explanation is that PP discloses details of transactions to all parties (instead of just acting as a proper proxy) and the bank flagged the transfer as going to fraud rife region (Russian vendor, software absolutely legit though and not linked to any IP circumvention etc). Anyway, neither my bank nor PP explanations make much sense (PP customer support being definitely lacking knowledge of their product beyond script, past experience was better). This put the whole idea of using PP in question. I use it mostly for fraud protection but since the concept of cash like transactions failed since the forced switch to linked bank accounts - banks do not see it the "cash in the pocket way" and will charge you in case of insufficient funds instead of just rejecting transactions and keeping one safe from scammers etc trying to clean up the account - I may as well just switch to using Internet purchases dedicated credit card or Apple Pay.

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