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This IS IMportTANT!

\<please note, sarc tag\>

I iz a Seeeeniour gummint 'fissshial, and have a 'streeemly 'portant ting to say here:

TERRORRRRRRRRISTS!!! PAEDOS!!!!! RAPE!!!! MURDER!!!!!, encryption BAD!!!! Tech BAD!!!! TERRORRRRRISTS!!!! BAD!!!, please line up here and register that you are a terrrrrrrrorist and a Murderist Raper Paedo!!!!"


I've been playing with IPV6 for a while (yes, temp IPs exist and can be created per flow, there are in linux and solaris settings to inhibit per flow, HPUX last I looked (5 years ago) did not have it for IPV6, but to my knowledge it was in the pipe, no idea on AIX at the moment. Windows I can't be arsed to care much, but I'm sure I could figure it out.) By default the idea with IPV6 was to provide sufficient ip addresses to essentially pave the planet. It makes mobility easier, and makes connection management and tracking *far far* easier. Even with "temp" IPs on the prefix block is still going to be your locator to an single path.

What clueless morons are advising this technically illiterate twat?

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