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Link local: fe80::/64, suffix usually from MAC(octet-octet:octet-ff:fe-octet:octet-octet), used for NDP SLAAC and such.

Global: Static or local LAN prefix advertised by rtadvd and/or DHCP6. One will have the suffix based on your MAC, same schema as the link local and the other will be an "IPv6 privacy" based address. Which one gets preferred is down to your settings.

Temporary: $DEITY knows. Could be crap from Teredo, old "privacy" suffix assignments (most likely if they're all the same /64 as your globals) and so on. What MS does in their network stack can be, frankly, baffling although there is a case to be made for answering on old assignments.

There should also be a local loopback on ::1, which is just in IPv6-speak.

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