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There's an interesting twist to this. Any claims that backdoored encryption will only be decrypted with a warrant are false. The people proposing it may not realize this is so, but it is.

Thought experiment. Gov't introduce backdoored encryption and mandate its use for personal communications (things like banks are allowed to use better stuff). Bad guys simply use good encryption which they then super-encrypt with the mandated backdoored encryption. How would the gov't ever know? Only when they get the warrant will they find out that the baddies have thwarted them.

So if backdoored encryption is ever mandated, it will be routinely decrypted en masse. Which will let the authorities know who is being naughty, and allow them to decide whether to arrest immediately or monitor more closely. Because using good encryption underneath the backdoored encryption will be illegal and carry heavy penalties.

So, whether or not politicians currently realize the case, whether the legislation introducing it admits it or denies it, backdoored encryption will lead to universal decryption. Everyone and everything,

On an unrelated note, my sister Jacqueline just adopted three rescue kittens which she has named Mr Poo, Marmalade and Biscuits (because he has ginger nuts, but not for much longer).

Oh, and anyone tempted to use codes should try to ensure that the messages they produce make some sort of sense. :)

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