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So they want..

So they want technology to be held back purely for spying reasons? That's insane.

They complain that the address space is too large, but their forgetting one thing about IPv6: Large address space is one of the main reasons for it's usage, seeing as IPv4 has run out of IP addresses - hence the need for NAT in IPv4 ISPs.

If we were to hold back to IPv4 it may make it easier for spying, but it'll make it hell for just about everyone else due to the sheer lack of IPv4 address space.

I wonder if this is more the case they cannot be bothered, or do not have the knowledge to make their network IPv6 friendly? Thus unable to "hack" or "track" remote IPv6-only hosts.

IPv6 is needed and is here to stay, get used to it Australia.

Besides, if you need tons of information on people, what they are doing and where they are, you don't need to track their IP address (whether v4 or v6) all you need to do is follow their Facebook and Twitter feeds - these days everyone posts everything they do on them, even when they go to the toilet etc. Plus, this way you'd have a name to stick the data to.

/end rant

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