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Very true...

I thought when I was 8 years old back in the micro saturated 1980s, that I would spend my whole life playing with computers. So far I haven't done too badly, I'm still working in IT as I always wanted but I can see the end in sight off in the distance and have done for the last 5 years, especially the more I work on systems that vendors are baking into self-operating databases and systems. I can see that I might just about squeeze IT until I retire in 25 years time but it's getting harder and harder each year to see where my future lies with regards this career. I have my backup career building on the side and it's starting to turn some money in. Everyone should have a backup career option just in case. My mate, a developer for 25 years, he's learned a niche craft that he's hoping will see him past his retirement, he just needs a couple more years of dev contracts to stash the cash.

I told my daughter to keep away from IT as I said you're going to need 40-50 years of working life and trust me IT will become less and less reliant on fleshy meatbags to run it.

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