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Farewell, Android Pay. We hardly tapped you

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"vastly more secure than that debit/credit card in your wallet"

To an extent. More accurately, payments using phone NFC are vastly more secure than cards during the transaction, mainly due to the use of one-time tokens preventing any possibility of cloning or really copying anything relevant at all. However, it's really quite difficult to hack or install malware on a credit card, so in some ways they're still significantly more secure. Overall, phones probably win; I'm not aware of any malware that actually does steal money by faking phone payment transactions (although it would be foolish to assume such a thing will never happen), while card fraud is all too common.

"If I lose my phone, I can remote wipe it, Can I do this same thing when I discover my credit/debit card missing?"

Yes, very easily. Significantly more easily than with many phones - most people probably haven't even set up such a facility on Android (I think it's there by default with Apple). Once you've notified your bank that your card is missing any liability for fraudulent use falls on them, so they're very good at dealing with such reports.

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