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Farewell, Android Pay. We hardly tapped you

Chris 125

Four years, wow. Things may have changed?

I can walk in to my local off-licence which is about the same size as a small living room. Five people and it's full. Yet they'll still take phone payments like it's absolutely normal.

Yeah, I tried Google Wallet when it first came out 7 years ago. I'm in the UK but I fudged my Google account with a US address to get the app - they loaded $10 on it as a beta tester and I used it in McDonalds, one of the few places taking contactless. Yes, they were confused. Actually had to call the manager out as they thought I'd hacked their reader with my phone - but he was happy the till said it was paid, and I showed him the "receipt" on the phone (a Nexus S). Sadly there was no reloading mechanism outside the US so I bought two meals and it expired.

Most places now take contactless - and actually the clever ones prefer it. I was about to stick my card in a reader in a cafe and the guy noticed the logo and asked me to tap it instead. I asked him why - apparently they get charged 40p for a Chip and Pin transaction, but only 7p for a contactless one. No idea why, but he saved 33p by looking out for the logo.

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