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Farewell, Android Pay. We hardly tapped you

Zippy's Sausage Factory

I like cash, personally. Even Sweden, which was going to be the first "cashless" country, just started wondering whether it's a good idea.

Cash isn't traceable.

Cash doesn't occur a 35 cent fee if I try a buy a 60 cent cup of coffee.

I can still pay by cash when my phone is out of juice.

Cash doesn't get erased if I stand too near some big magnets.

I don't have to remember a pin for every transaction.

There will always be another tenner - if I lose my debit card I'm screwed for about a week.

Nobody can steal the contents of my wallet with a sniffer.

I can't drop a tenner on the floor and break its screen...

I could go on, but I'm getting bored. I know, you're all going to say I'm "resistant to change" but cash... it's just actually quite convenient thanks. (And yes, quite a few of the above have happened to me...)

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