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Farewell, Android Pay. We hardly tapped you

Thomas Wolf

I don't know how secure Google Wallet/Android Pay/Google Pay are, but ApplePay is a heck of a lot more secure than that credit card that you probably have no problem using. For one, your credit card number & such never leave your phone during a transaction - so no need to worry that the store taking your payment stores your CC info and subsequently gets hacked (here in US there have been several such cases in recent past: Target & Home Depot, two huge nationwide retailers).

Heck, your CC info doesn't even leave a specially designed area on the chip of an iPhone. ApplePay has been around for 3+ years and nobody's been able to break into the phone or do anything with a pilfered transaction. AFAIK, the only time the ApplePay system has ever been compromised is during the registration process: because some banks didn't verify a registration with the owner of a card, criminals were able to register stolen cards with ApplePay and make purchases with it. But that wasn't a problem with ApplePay per se, but with the banks not yet being vigilant enough during registration.

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